Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No hole deep enough for Jim Greer and Charlie Crist?

A prediction I made a few months ago became reality tonight. I said that when Charlie Crist's handpicked chairman, the disgraced and recently-ousted Jim Greer was forced out, he would try to take others with him. Specifically, I predicted he would do so by leaking Marco Rubio's Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) American Express statement.

Today the media reported it had obtained a copy of Marco Rubio's AmEx statement, and I know my prediction came true because no one at the RPOF had access to these records except the detestable Jim Greer and those in his inner circle.

So why would Jim Greer (illegally?) leak these records to the press?

The short answer is, to embarrass Marco Rubio and try to derail his surging campaign.

Jim Greer has always been a hardcore Charlie Crist loyalist--after all, Crist forced him on us. He was such a loyalist that he blatantly threw his supposed impartiality as party chairman to the curb and actively promoted Charlie Crist's candidacy in a contested Republican primary. He went so far as to attempt to waive "RNC Rule 11," which would allow the RNC to formally throw its support behind Crist in the primary. This action is usually reserved for those rare cases where the candidacy of a fringe Republican is likely to bring harm, disrepute, or embarrassment to the party (i.e., a David Duke candidacy). Thankfully, Florida's National Committeewoman to the RNC, Sharon Day, stopped Greer in his tracks.

Although failed, the attempt by Greer to essentially bully Rubio out of the primary race was what set off the firestorm that eventually led to his resignation. First came indignation from party activists around the state over his attempt usurp the voters' will by anointing Charlie Crist, followed by outrage over revelations of gross misuse of the party's financial resources to fund his lavish lifestyle (including private jet charters, spa treatments, presidential suites, fine cigars, expensive dinners, and limousine rentals for himself and his family). Throughout all these scandals, Charlie Crist remained loyal to him and even instructed him not to resign. For more on the utter disgrace that is the detestable Jim Greer, please read my previous blog post on the matter.

So needless to say, Greer had an axe to grind with Rubio, which explains why he would leak this confidential information to the press (or to the Crist campaign, who turned around and leaked it to the press).

All this goes to show that the Crist campaign will stop at nothing to distract the electorate from the real issues at stake in this campaign. There is no limit to the depths the Crist campaign and his corrupt inner circle will stoop to try to politically destroy anyone in Charlie Crist's way, even if that person is another Republican.

So here's another prediction: Charlie Crist and his minions will undermine the Republican Nominee Marco Rubio when he defeats Crist in August.

Just when you think these people have stooped to new depths, they find a deeper hole.

Cool it with the Marco for VP, Prez, or whatever...

I've been noticing some premature chatter on Twitter and elsewhere about Marco Rubio joining up with Jim DeMint for a possible 2012 presidential ticket, as well as other unfounded rumors.

As cool as it would be to imagine Marco Rubio as the Republican nominee for vice president in 2012, the presidential nominee in 2016, or King of Narnia in 2020, remember that he has to defeat a hack politician (and formidable adversary) this year to capture the GOP nomination for US Senate.

One of the many arguments those of us critical of Charlie Crist have used against him is his perpetual candidate status. First, he was State Senator, then unsuccessful candidate for US Senate, then education commissioner, then attorney general, then governor, then vice-presidential candidate (in his mind), and now US Senate candidate again. Except when he was State Senator many years ago, Crist has never sought reelection for any office he has held, nor accrued a list of accomplishments in any of those positions. Instead, he has used those offices as a springboard to the next higher office, neglecting the duties and responsibilities he was entrusted to.

Nothing's changed, I know.

So to all of you who are touting Marco Rubio as our party's next nominee for this or that with the best of intentions because you truly admire him, please consider the implications. You don't want to give the Crist campaign any fodder to say that Rubio is planning to use the US Senate to jump to another position, even though Crist's career is one long pattern of doing exactly that.

Let's keep our eye on the ball, get Marco Rubio elected to the US Senate, and give him a chance to work for and represent the people of Florida.

And if God opens other doors for him down the road, he can proudly run on his record of accomplishments as a Florida legislator and a US Senator as well.

Mark Levin chimes in on the Florida US Senate race in his notoriously hilarious way

Here is a hilarious collection of sound clips where syndicated conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin rips into Charlie Crist and endorses Marco Rubio for US Senator from Florida. Enjoy!

Here, Mark rips into John McCain and other RINOs for supporting the consummate RINO, Charlie Crist; endorses Rubio:

Marco Rubio on the Mark Levin Show:

Mark Levin comments on Rubio's surge in the polls:

Mark Levin reacts to Charlie Crist calling Ronald Reagan a RINO (yes, you read correctly!):

Monday, February 22, 2010

How Ron Paul scored a win at CPAC

There has been much controversy surrounding Rep. Ron Paul's straw poll victory in CPAC this past weekend. Many have asked how Paul, who many in the conservative movement reject, could have won a plurality of the CPAC straw poll, which has traditionally been a generally reliable gauge of mainstream conservative sentiment.

Originally, I was not going to address the issue. But following the results, a handful of Crist hacks used Ron Paul's straw poll victory at CPAC to downplay the significance of Rubio's 23 consecutive straw poll victories around Florida. Even worse, solid bedrock conservative friends of mine questioned CPAC's legitimacy over it.

So, as someone who was there to cast a vote and witness the results, I now feel a need to shed some light on why Ron Paul won, and what the reaction of those present was.

Over 10,000 people registered for, and attended CPAC. As the poll results show, 2,395 of those participated in the poll. Almost half (48%) of the straw poll participants were students, which is representative of the conference as a whole. The reason such a large percentage of CPAC attendees were students can be attributed to the low $25 registration fee. Registration fee for non-students was $150 (or $175 for late registration).

Regardless of registration status, over half (54%) of those who participated in the straw poll were college-aged (18-25).

With that said, Ron Paul garnered a plurality, although not a majority of the straw poll (31%), followed by Mitt Romney at 22%.

It is no secret that Ron Paul has an active, extensive, and very aggressive network of activists throughout college campuses. These activists descended upon CPAC and were actively campaigning for Ron Paul during the conference to influence the results of the straw poll. I witnessed it myself as I strolled through the corridors and halls of the venue. This, plain and simple, explains Ron Paul's straw poll victory.

In fact, I was in the bloggers lounge just outside the main hall when the results were announced. The loud boos from the overwhelming majority of attendees in the hall, as well as my fellow bloggers in the lounge snuffed out those cheering for Ron Paul when he was announced the winner. In contrast, when Mitt Romney was announced as second place winner, the cheers were deafening.

So, to say that CPAC was a gathering of Ron Paul supporters who most CPAC attendees consider out of the mainstream would be inaccurate. CPAC was attended by solid philosophical and movement conservatives, but unfortunately there was evidence of coordination to benefit Ron Paul in the straw poll. I did not see any other candidate or campaign do this.

As for you Cristonistas slobbering all over yourselves trying to use Ron Paul's straw poll win to discredit Marco Rubio's 23 straw poll victories, I would prefer that you continue lulling yourselves into a false sense of security, so stop reading here. You may leave the room now.

To everyone else I would like to point out that almost every straw poll Marco Rubio has won was conducted by county Republican executive committees throughout Florida. These committees consist of longtime members and activists of the Republican party, not some single-issue, hit-and-run participants. Not only do these people vote in primaries, but these are the activists that volunteer for campaigns and who friends and family members go to for advice on whom to vote for. Charlie Crist has not won A SINGLE STRAW POLL. He has lost every straw poll by landslide margins. In fact, he deservedly faced the ultimate indignity when he lost his home county's republican executive committee straw poll--the same group of people that endorsed him in 2006 during his primary race for governor.

It's nice to see some groups don't make the same mistake twice. Too bad the NRSC isn't one of them.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Florida Republicans Take Back the Fort

Today the Republican Party of Florida elected a new Chairman in Senator John Thrasher, at long last bringing to an end the disgraceful 3-year administration (a term I use lightly) of Crist's hand-picked chairman, Jim Greer.

But his departure was anything but smooth. Despite countless Republican activists, party officers (and more party officers), donors, (and more donors), elected officials, and concerned Republicans calling for his resignation, Jim Greer dug in his heels and defiantly refused to go for months. He declared he was being set up by people intent on destroying the party, and even had his minions publicly blame the Marco Rubio campaign. Despite all the intra-party division, negative press, and fundraising paralysis generated, Crist's handpicked Chairman wouldn't budge. He had no qualms about extending his cancerous presence even if it meant the destruction of the party.

But why? Why was Greer so willing to oversee the destruction of the RPOF after his predecessors had struggled to build what was once a nearly nonexistent minority party into the most powerful state party operation in the country?

Those of us critical of Jim Greer knew all along that it was his blind devotion and commitment to promoting Charlie Crist, and Crist's need to control the party to benefit his campaign. Jim Greer himself validated our belief when he confirmed that Crist had instructed him not to resign.

They inherited a strong party from leaders with a vision toward the future. For Crist and his handpicked chairman, the party was merely a vehicle to advance Crist, enrich his cronies, and toss aside once it was no longer useful.

Thankfully, legislative leaders and the candidate with the most to lose by a fractured party--Bill McCollum--stepped in and forced Greer to resign. Even then, he could not go gracefully, so he took the opportunity to blame others for his downfall.

With Greer expelled and today's elections of Senator John Thrasher as chairman and Deborah Cox-Roush as vice chairman, it seems the fort may have been recaptured just in time for it to be rebuilt before the battle in November.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crist responds to Rubio's CPAC speech

***Not prepared for Delivery, Not Embargoed Until Delivery***

It's great to be here in beautiful Florida. Isn't she great, folks? We have such a lovely state, and we are all so very blessed to have her. (wait for applause)

I know many of you are thinking about that CPAC meeting going on up in our nation's capital, and while I love Washington and can't wait to get up there to represent (pointing) you, and you, and you, and all the great people of this beautiful state, I have to admit that our state is much more beautiful than Washington, isn't she? (wait for applause)

So I wanted to talk with you today about the so-called CPAC meeting. I really wish I was there to speak to our nation's conservatives, but I was not invited after I was booed last year and came in dead last in a straw poll. I desperately wanted to go this year, but by them not inviting me, I guess they were saving me from a terribly embarrassing situation. So instead, I am here with you today sharing this beautiful, crisp, February north Florida weather in this, our Republican Party of Florida Headquarters parking lot to address all of you loyal supporters on our brand of "conservatism." On what it means to be a Charlie Crist Republican.

Can you all hear me okay? I'm sorry if you can't. Since we weren't sure whether or not the Republican Party of Florida headquarters would have its power cut off, we decided against renting a sound system for today's event. Speaking of which, let's all give my friend and soon to be former hand-picked RPOF Chairman Jim Greer a round of applause (point to JG, wait for applause). Hey Jim, thanks for everything you tried to do for my US Senate campaign as RPOF chairman. I'm proud to have stood by you despite everything you did to the party as a result of helping my campaign. Hopefully next time, if we have a sound system, you can serenade us! (wait for laughter)

Well my friends, I know I am not as popular as I used to be, which is surprising given that the only time I ever took a stand on anything meaningful was when President Obama came down to our beautiful state to promote a trillion dollar spending bill called the "stimulus." I always knew that all the darned thing would do is stimulate our national debt, but hey, Obama and I were pretty popular back then, and I sure as heck wasn't about to put my approval numbers in jeopardy by cutting state spending to what I should have. I can't stand having people angry at me over a tough decision like that, you know.

So yes, I courageously went against every Republican in the country and campaigned for the stimulus so the federal government would give Florida some borrowed money from China to make my last two years as your governor a little easier on me. That helped me keep my focus on raising money for my Senate race instead of all that governing stuff. I know the stimulus money runs out after I leave the governorship, but I'm fully prepared to let Bill McCollum deal with it. I have full confidence in him. Or Alex Sink. Or whomever.

So while people are in Washington yapping about what it means to be a conservative, I would rather talk about what it means to be a Charlie Crist Republican.

And what, you may ask, is a Charlie Crist Republican?

A Charlie Crist Republican cares about today and not about tomorrow, when he will be in Washington and not have to deal with the consequences. A Charlie Crist Republican fights against tax increases, but supports fee increases. A Charlie Crist Republican acts tough on corruption, unless the corrupt happen to donate to, or run the RPOF. A Charlie Crist Republican appoints liberal, anti-gun, ACLU-backed justices to the Florida Supreme Court, but talks tough on crime.

Caputo, thanks for coming out today with your camera. Good to see you.

A Charlie Crist Republican criticizes socialist policies, except when it comes to property insurance. A Charlie Crist Republican is willing to reach across the aisle--often--and is proud to put on the other team's jersey. A Charlie Crist Republican hosts global warming conferences--on non-primary election years. A Charlie Crist Repub... Gary! Great to see you! Thanks for your RT the other day!

As I was saying, a Charlie Crist Republican thinks cap and trade is great, unless he has a primary challenger who puts the breaks on it. A Charlie Crist Republican chooses good Republicans to fill vacancies around the state--only during primary election years. A Charlie Crist Republican embaces and welcomes the President of the United States, unless the president happens to be a Republican. A Charlie Crist Republican says he's against the expansion of gambling until he's for it. A Charlie Crist Republican is pro-life, but is against enacting laws that protect the sanctity of human life. A Charlie Crist Republican is for traditional marriage, but is against the Republican Party funding any marriage amendment campaigns. Lastly, a Charlie Crist Republican campaigns for his party's nominee for president, unless passed over for vice president.

In short, on a host of issues, a Charlie Crist Republican says one thing and does another--and accuses his opponents of the same thing, even when he knows it isn't true.

In conclusion, I want to thank all seven or eight of you for showing up here today. Even though there are several thousand people up there in Washington, please don't believe the cockamamie stuff coming out of that phony conservative get-together. We're the real conservatives gathered here today, and Marco Rubio is a lousy human being for having the audacity to run against me. So please, vote for me, a Charlie Crist Republican--for the future of our party!


Of course, this speech is a parody.