Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cool it with the Marco for VP, Prez, or whatever...

I've been noticing some premature chatter on Twitter and elsewhere about Marco Rubio joining up with Jim DeMint for a possible 2012 presidential ticket, as well as other unfounded rumors.

As cool as it would be to imagine Marco Rubio as the Republican nominee for vice president in 2012, the presidential nominee in 2016, or King of Narnia in 2020, remember that he has to defeat a hack politician (and formidable adversary) this year to capture the GOP nomination for US Senate.

One of the many arguments those of us critical of Charlie Crist have used against him is his perpetual candidate status. First, he was State Senator, then unsuccessful candidate for US Senate, then education commissioner, then attorney general, then governor, then vice-presidential candidate (in his mind), and now US Senate candidate again. Except when he was State Senator many years ago, Crist has never sought reelection for any office he has held, nor accrued a list of accomplishments in any of those positions. Instead, he has used those offices as a springboard to the next higher office, neglecting the duties and responsibilities he was entrusted to.

Nothing's changed, I know.

So to all of you who are touting Marco Rubio as our party's next nominee for this or that with the best of intentions because you truly admire him, please consider the implications. You don't want to give the Crist campaign any fodder to say that Rubio is planning to use the US Senate to jump to another position, even though Crist's career is one long pattern of doing exactly that.

Let's keep our eye on the ball, get Marco Rubio elected to the US Senate, and give him a chance to work for and represent the people of Florida.

And if God opens other doors for him down the road, he can proudly run on his record of accomplishments as a Florida legislator and a US Senator as well.

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